Which Holy Trinity was this priest referring to?

In the spirit of Christmas — which I don’t have but I do have the spirit of humor, year round — here’s this, courtesy Harper’s Weekly Review:

A Slovenian priest said to be close to the pope was accused of propositioning two nuns for a threesome, saying that it would mirror the Holy Trinity…

Quite enterprising.

I don’t know much about religions. The one I know least about is Catholicism. But I’ve got a vague notion the Holy Trinity is wholly male. Isn’t it? (I’m not certain about the Holy Ghost but a friend of mine who went to Catholic schools told me she’d never grasped the concept either.)

Or maybe this Slovenian priest is a progressive? Could it be? Will this moment be the breakthrough into women’s equality in the Church?

Why am I writing all that in the form of questions?

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