While we’re considering the presidential candidates

I, for one, am greatly impressed with the people who’ve declared they’re running as Democrats.

And something beyond the White House interests me. Each one of these candidates would, if not elected president, be superior agency heads — Cabinet secretaries.

In comparison to the Trump Administration’s hierarchy of the Worst and the Dimmest, a cabinet chosen from the current Democratic presidential candidates would be a superstar group, possibly a greater and certainly more active and effective cabinet than, well, I don’t know what to compare it to.

A Democratic cabinet would be faced with putting our government, our agencies back together, building them again after the destruction we’ve been witnessing over the past two years. And our foreign relations, relationships with our allies, a new policy addressing how we reckon with antagonists. And on and on and on.

Every agency would need reconstruction after the civil war Trump has inflicted upon us and our government.

Want a list of the major federal agencies crying out for renewal? I’ll give it to you but it’s up to you to remember and scream over which incompetent is currently muddling around, trying to run each of these crucial departments into the ground:

State Department. Homeland Security (maybe they can change the name which I loathe). Environmental Protection Agency. Agriculture. Health and Human Services. Veterans Affairs. Treasury. Interior. Defense. Housing and Urban Development. Food and Drug Administration. Commerce. Education. Justice (and the agencies under its control). Transportation. Labor. Parks. Centers for Disease Control. Customs & Border Patrol. FEMA. Federal Aviation Administration. United States Post Office (which is no longer technically a federal agency but should be).

Now, the declared candidates — I’m leaving off ones who haven’t attracted any attention right now and who, probably for much of the same reason, don’t have the gravitas and related experience to be in a dream cabinet, never mind the White House:

Elizabeth Warren. Amy Klobuchar. Cory Booker. Kirsten Gillibrand. Kamala Harris. Julian Castro.

And those who hover around the declared list:

Sherrod Brown. Beto O’Rourke. Bernie Sanders. Joe Biden. Jay Inslee.

Then there are a whole bunch of terrific politicians who appear on TV and have impressed me greatly. I’m not going to list them. I’m sure you have your own list.

Who would you put in which department? As you work this out, though, remember anyone who joins the cabinet will be leaving his or her Congressional seat, which will be filled at least temporarily with someone appointed by his or her state governor. Warren, Castro and Brown are from states with Republican governors.

Yes, I worry about everything. The Senate, the Supreme Court…

But I’m also excited.

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