While we’re on the subject of election law…

Oh, what? You didn’t know we were on that subject? Well, that’s the power you have if you write a blog: you can land on any subject you want at any time.

From Kevin Underhill’s Lowering the Bar, here’s some election law from Kansas:

More recently, the Kansas Legislature passed HB 2539, which provides that beginning in 2019, any candidate for governor must be a qualified Kansas elector and at least 25 years of age. Previously, the state had virtually no restrictions on who could serve as governor, which became something of an embarrassment after the public became aware of this, resulting in a slate of candidates that included at least six teenagers and a dog. See “Kansas Bill Would Require Governor to Be an Adult Human” (Feb. 14, 2018).

This is very funny. But aside from the laugh, it provides a lesson in law and life: we have these laws because we are a Nation of Laws. But every once in a while, We the People gaze upon those laws and say, “WHAA? I’m seeing a hole in the legal fence. Let’s fill in that hole.”

This is why we have laws and regulations. Even in Kansas.

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