While we’re thinking about Neil Gorsuch and the Supreme Court…

Let’s consider how mature and rational judges need to be:

Family Court Judge Dismisses Charges Against Judge Who Ran Down Brother With ATV

Joel Stashenko, New York Law Journal


Both a state judge and his brother acted like children in allowing their dispute to get physical, but the evidence does not indicate the judge intentionally ran his brother down with an all-terrain vehicle, a Family Court judge has determined.


  • Do you think Trump will nominate this judge for a federal court seat?
  • Do you think the judge’s brother agrees with this decision?
  • How flattened is the judge’s brother?
  • What do their parents say about this? Can we read the transcript of the parents’ remarks?
  • Can I go on endlessly but have other things to do today, such as painting a closet wall?
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