Who are the people objecting to masks and vax?

They tweet their ferocious whines about their resistance to accepting there is a pandemic and care needs to be taken to save us from it.

I know they drive every rational person nuts. Like many rational people (probably mostly women), I sit around wondering why. Until today I came up with nuthin’. The nonsense about owning the libs, proclaiming liberty! freedom!…what is all that crap? What does it remind me of….?

Young teenagers, rebelling from parental authority by doing stupid things. Not very bright or decently educated teenagers, either. And like all teens, they don’t believe in death.

The governors and mayors who encourage their rebellion are surrogate stupid parents, the bullying kind who volunteer to coach their kids’ teams and get beaten up by the other parents. Or sued.

None of these people is an adult. Moreover, I suspect a lot of them were subjected to child abuse of one kind or another.

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