Who else is paying for Gorsuch ads?

Last night I saw yet another soft ‘n’ fuzzy Gorsuch TV commercial.

I paid careful attention to whatever entity produced this offensive nonsense–by “offensive nonsense,” I mean TV commercials with production values like ads for baby diapers, promoting the nomination of a Supreme Court justice. Who, just to remind us all, will be having a major, potentially deadly effect on all our lives sort of forever. That is, possibly  longer than those baby diapers.

This ad is thrust into our homes courtesy of the dark money Judicial Crisis Network.

Which went all-out to make sure Judge Merrick Garland did not receive a hearing from the Republican Senate. And, as we all know, succeeded.

More bad people with rotten views trying to buy their way into and, once in, warp American values and politics.

The Judicial Crisis Network (the only “judicial crisis” is them, thanks to Citizens United) is a malignant mover against women’s and civil and human rights.

Ergo, so is Neil Gorsuch, the man whose diaper ads they are paying for.

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