Who is Marc Kasowitz, Trump’s lawyer?

Just out of curiosity, I ran a check on Trump’s lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, because–according to tweets from Norm Eisen and other ethics lawyers–Kasowitz intends to file a complaint against James Comey. And these lawyers have noted that there are consequences to filing legally meaningless complaints, especially if they’re used as intimidation techniques.

Aside from doubting Comey is going to be intimidated by Kasowitz (he wasn’t by Trump), if he had to retain lawyers to answer the complaint, it would cost him money. And irritation. (Although I believe Eisen, et al., will be defending him pro bono, if the complaint is indeed filed.)

Meanwhile, I decided to run a check on Kasowitz to see if he has been complained about and has been disciplined.

As you’ll see below, there are no recorded disciplinary actions on the court administration data base. But that does not mean there have been no complaints. (The Office of Court Administration is so cagey about complaints against lawyers, it hides information somewhere or other. I found a list, once, but only by accident. I don’t intend to spend more time searching on Kasowitz, although feel free. And another thing you can do, if you have the time, is go into court data bases and search for him in court cases. It’ll tell you a lot about him.)

I wrote about this fairly extensively in the past, when I filed a grievance against a lawyer.

Sorry about the formatting here; I should have written my bit before pasting in the Office of Court Administration info, which has squeezed this into a taut column.

Registration Number: 1309871

NEW YORK, NY 10019-6708
United States
(New York County)
(212) 506-1700
E-mail Address:
Year Admitted in NY: 1978
Appellate Division
Department of Admission:
Law School: CORNELL
Registration Status: Currently registered
Next Registration: Jun 2018
Disciplinary History: No record of public discipline
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