Who is paying for Gorsuch TV ads?

It’s 12:15 am and I am watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC–the re-run of her usual 9 pm show.

A commercial break. And to my surprise, I see a warm and fuzzy…commercial for Neil Gorsuch.

A commercial for a Supreme Court nominee?  A commercial, like an election ad?

I’d heard that pots of the usual ugly money are working at getting Gorsuch confirmed. But I did not know that “work” would extend to TV commercials.

I found it pretty surprising because I don’t remember ever seeing a campaign commercial for a Supreme Court nominee. But, yes, here it is, and take a look at who is paying for these soft ‘n’ fuzzy ads:

WASHINGTON — They are three dozen of the best-financed, most battle-hardened players in the conservative movement — among them, the Koch network, the National Rifle Association and leading evangelical and anti-abortion groups.

Their grass-roots organizations extend to precincts and parishes in all 50 states. And their causes span the full spectrum of issues that animate the right’s most devoted followers, meaning they don’t always see eye to eye.

But on this they agree: They cannot take any chances that President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court is stopped.

Let me repeat, in bold: the Koch network. The National Rifle Association. Leading evangelical and anti-abortion groups.

Just in case I thought the 9th Circuit had soothed me enough so that I wouldn’t be screaming in rage and/or thoroughly nauseous until, oh, maybe next Tuesday.

So, dear fellows: we all must contact our senators and tell them what the hell? and a loud no for Neil Gorsuch. The ads are appalling, wildly inappropriate and sickening; they remind me of the unspeakable awfulness of John Roberts’ Citizens United decision; and the promoters and payees of those ads are bad people, bad political skew, anti-woman and anti-human.

These are the creatures and their policies pushing for Neil Gorsuch. What does that say about his destructive potential as a Supreme Court justice?

Let’s start the screaming and resisting now.


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