Who is suing? A catch up

I’ve been remiss in reporting on new lawsuits. So, from the Friday, June 10, Daily News City Wire:

Joan Jett is suing! An ex-employee put together a “tribute” album without Joan’s permission so Joan is suing to stop the June 28 release of Main Man Records “Take it Or Leave It: A Tribute to the Queens of Noise.”

Since I personally haven’t thought about JJ in years, I’m thinking that this lawsuit has done her a favor. (Queens of Noise? My ears are ringing.)

Let’s add a new type of lawsuit to that very very long list I just gave you: Lawsuit as Self-Promotion.

Fire dept. hazing lawsuit. “A federal lawsuit alleges that new volunteers in a Rockland County fire department are subjected to a hazing ritual in which they are forced to fondle the genitals of fellow firefighters.” The lawsuit was filed by the father of a 16-year-old volunteer, and states “the practice amounts to pedophilia and violates civil rights.”

Homeowners sue banks. A type of lawsuit so demanding of our cheers, the New York Times wrote about it twice. Angry Homeowners ‘Foreclose’ on Lenders – NYTimes.com. You read that correctly.



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