Who is winning the 538 polls of…pollsters?

Bless 538. They’ve just published their new pollster ratings.

And there’s a search function, especially useful since the pollsters listed on the screen are not all the pollsters.

This means that whenever we read about election polls not yet evaluated by 538 (I assume they’ll be getting into this whenever…they get into this [hurry up, Nate, I’m getting antsy!]), we can search for the quality of the pollster before we get all excited or all pessimistic.

Now, I’m sure we all know that 538 isn’t a polling organization. It’s a pollster analyst, and for all the public sulking and spitting about polling accuracy, 538 has been remarkably accurate throughout its reign. And I am a loyal subject.

Spoiler alert: Monmouth is one of the few pollsters with an A+ rating.



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