“Who Would Jesus Shoot? New York Church Giving Away Assault Rifle”

Uh-oh. There’s some kind of Christian conspiracy entwining the unlikely companions, Jesus and high-powered weaponry.

Here I was earlier today writing (and sneering, I must confess) about the Kentucky Baptist church that was buying new customers — oops, I mean godly “parishioners” — by handing out guns. I said, let’s not go to Kentucky.

But it’s going on in my home state!!!! Although let me be specific: Troy, New York is not exactly my home territory. Still, it’s not that far from New York City, is parallel to the State Capitol, and is the home town of a world class engineering and science school, Renssalaer Polytechnical Institute. Whose motto is “Why not change the world?”

RPI might start changing the world with that Troy church:  Who Would Jesus Shoot? New York Church Giving Away Assault Rifle | ThinkProgress. Which begins:

Pastor John Koletas is angry that gun owners “have been so viciously attacked by the antichristian socialist media and antichristian socialist politicians the last few years.” And he’s fighting back with a church service asking “Does the Bible defend my right to keep and bear arms?”

In case you are wondering what the answer to that question is, the fact that Koletas will also be giving away a free assault rifle at the church service might be a clue that he thinks the answer is “yes.”

That’s Grace Baptist Church to all you antichristian socialists out there. Another Baptist church. So maybe this is a conspiracy, a Baptist conspiracy. It occurs to me there’s something incongruous, even comical, about RPI scientists and students rubbing elbows in the local diner with gun-toting Christian nutcases.

Jesus is all over the map, isn’t he? And as the Kentucky preacher reminded a questioner when asked if Jesus would approve of this gun business, that Jesus was pretty good with that whip when clearing the money-lenders out of the temple.

On behalf of my people (those are the ones referred to nastily with that “money-lender” remark): Oy. And Vey.

And P.S. Don’t spend your money in upstate New York.

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