Who’ll be in the governors’ mansions?

I’m not superstitious. So why haven’t I even whispered this to dear friends?

Whispered what? The exciting gubernatorial races around the country. Because not only are big changes on the way, the Democrats will be winning state houses in time for the 2020 census.

Big big deal. Because each Democratic governor in a state controlled by a Republican legislature will hold the veto pen to pro-GOP gerrymandered redistricting. And any Democratic governor in a Democratically controlled legislature will determine redistricting. (My hope is redistricting will be turned over to a neutral group.)

Here are the states where Democrats look to be flipping the state houses, and the Congressional seats each has:

Florida: 27

Ohio: 16 (Richard Cordray is up 1.6 over Mike DeWine)

Wisconsin: 8 (as of tonight, Scott Walker is down 1.5)

Nevada: 4 (Sisolak is up .1 over Laxalt, so maybe this is a big ?)

Iowa: 4. Not only does it look like Iowa will be electing a Democratic governor, of its 4 congressional seats, only one will remain Republican (and it is the disgraceful Steve King), while two of the four will be switching to Democrats. (Joni Ernst’s Senate seat is up for re-election in 2020.)

New Mexico: 3.

Illinois: 18

Michigan: 14.

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