Who’s been keeping in COVID-distanced touch with me?

Aside from family and friends?

My dentist emailed reminders about how to maintain our teeth until he can once again see us. Among the reminders: brush for two minutes, no less; make sure I’m getting my gum line involved when I brush; floss floss floss.

And to make sure I won’t need an emergency visit, do not eat anything too hard or too acidic. I now have to think about whether I’ll be munching on chocolate chunks and guzzling pure vinegar. I don’t think I’ll have a decision to report soon. Or maybe ever.

My excellent Congressman Jerry Nadler is informing us what they’re doing, answering questions and giving links to CARES Act applications and services.

The proprietor of the place I get my hair cut is setting up an Earth Day meditation session for her clients, via Zoom. I don’t meditate and I don’t have Zoom so…But I appreciate that she’s contacting everybody, keeping us all together, in effect. And my hair does not look good.

And Century 21 — which somehow, despite the fact that the mother store downtown was across the street from the Twin Towers, managed to survive and re-open — is selling stuff online and for very discounted bucks. Yesterday it was yoga pants for $14.99, today, bras!

P.S. I found tissues yesterday but wonder where the name brands have gone? The only paper stuff available is strange no-name items and the tissues feel like recycled newspaper. Without the print, of course, but not soft — even though it says right on the boxes…oh well, I just grabbed a box and it does not say “softest” as I thought. It says, “softess.” It also says it’s guaranteed and if I’m not satisfied will give me double my money back if I retain the package and contact them.

Question. What is it “guaranteed” to do? Blow my nose?

P.P.S. I cleaned my refrigerator shelves at the beginning of all this because several friends were doing it and I am susceptible to peer pressure. The shelves are still sparkling clean. I deeply appreciate this.



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