Why doesn’t my lawyer answer my e-mails?

Today, for the third time in less than a week, I’ve tried to get in touch with my Foot Lawyer. Here’s what I know:

  • My metatarsal was broken in January 2008.
  • Last time I talked to a Foot Lawyer was in January 2011, when I went up to their office to sign another complaint.
  • It was explained to me why exactly I needed another complaint on top of the original one. The explanation was delivered firmly, although its essence was hazy. I suspect the information in the second complaint should have been acquired by the lawyers several years ago and an amended complaint—not a whole new one—should have been filed before the deadline for filing amended complaints ran out.

For now I’ll let them off the hook on what they should have known and when they should have known it. What I, their client, want to know now is:

  • Why, according to the New York State Supreme Court records, has nothing much happened since January 2011?
  • Why, in particular, wasn’t the new complaint quickly combined with the original complaint—as my Foot Lawyer told me it would be, back in January 2011?
  • And how exactly does the associate currently handling my case—the eighth associate since I signed that retainer agreement in February 2008—spell his name? When I asked the telephone receptionist that same question, she sighed, “I don’t know.”

But mostly I want to know:

  • Why my lawyers do not answer my courteous e-mail messages requesting a status update on my case?

I’m going to ask lawyer-blogs the same question. It’s a simple one. Let’s see if I get an acceptable answer. Let’s see if I have to go into the lawyers’ code of professional ethics and print their references to communicating with clients.

And let’s see if I get irritated enough to start using the actual name of my Foot Lawyers here.


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