Why don’t I vote for businessmen? Here’s why.

The Daily News is doing solid work in covering the numerous candidates for New York City’s mayoralty. They have sent a questionnaire to all candidates, giving each an opportunity to state their plans, thoughts and policies on the many different issues that concern us New Yorkers.

I read these pages thoroughly. They educate me about the candidates.

A few days ago, the News presented the candidates’ views on public transportation, an area of immense concern and pride to us New Yorkers. There were a number of excellent and intriguing statements.

And then there was this:

Andrew Yang, a rich businessman without any government experience, said, “I want to rapidly expand Bus Rapid Transit, I want to pedestrianize additional streets…”

“Pedestrianize.” Seriously? “Pedestrianize”?

And then, at the very end of the page, was this:

Ray McGuire, another rich businessman without government experience, did not respond to the News’ questionnaire.

But Ray McGuire is using lots of money on TV advertising.

Summary: I will not be voting for either of these two businessmen.

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