Why have election-denial bizarros been named as heads of new committees?

I’ve been thinking about this since the unseemly House display we recently watched (avidly). The easy answer is, Kevin McCarthy is minus balls and has been owned by a small bunch of grimacing anarchists who brandish weapons instead of portfolios. That is, they don’t have an agenda other than making a lot of raging noise and threats of impeachment. I doubt most of them even know what impeachment is. (They certainly don’t know what sedition is.)

No sympathy for Kevin McCarthy. (Whenever I hear the name “McCarthy,” I always think, “Joe? Is he back from the long-dead?” until I remember this Kevin.)

But here’s what I’m contemplating. Most of these crazy incompetents have been cited — or at least rumored — to have been more than Trump cheerleaders in the January 6 riot. There have been suggestions some of them were directly implicated in seditious acts, such as communicating with attackers before the riot and perhaps transmitting maps of the Capitol as if they were homunculi dancing around in WAZE apps.

Whether these ideas turn out to be accurate or not, I’m pretty sure all of these people are being seriously investigated by the FBI and DOJ. Why haven’t we heard about this? Because there are no leaks out of this DOJ. And that these creatures have loudly launched themselves into direct attacks upon the FBI gives some credence to the thought that the FBI is investigating them.

If they are being investigated, they and their lawyers (or “lawyers,” such as they may be) have heard something. Maybe they’ve received subpoenas. Maybe they’ve been summoned before a grand jury.

If so, there are four ways of looking at why they’re doing what they’re doing:

  • They have good reason to fear indictments and convictions which will remove them from Congress, so they’re doing as much damage as they can before they’re gone.
  • They have reason to fear indictments, etc., and are making as much noise as they can before they’re yanked out of there. You know, the anything-for-attention TV reality star mode of behavior, forget the consequences and the future.
  • They have reason to fear indictments, etc., etc., and believe as long as they’re making a ton of noise in the Capitol, no one will dare to arrest them.
  • They are really crazy and are presenting all of us with their eventual defense — insanity.


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