Why I like Twitter: look at what I just found

Maybe I shouldn’t have said “like Twitter,” given that I’ve confessed to being addicted to it.

Never mind. I scroll down and up and down and up and then I’ll find something like this:

ProPublica, a pro bono investigative organization to which I’ve given money, just put a link of Twitter to a data base they’ve compiled of complete records for all of Trump’s administrators. The data base is called…..TRUMP TOWN. Delightful, huh? They even have a picture of Trump Town, with the White House trapped in the middle.

They invite journalists to use it in their research into the specific critters of Trump’s Swamp.

What happens if you’re not a journalist but as simply aggressively eager to find out all about the awful people Trump’s forced us taxpayers to pay?

Anybody can use it!

Here’s ProPublica’s notice, description and (kind of) user’s manual.

And for those of us (me) who have focused a lot of attention on the Koch Bros, here’s some dug-up info on Koch affiliates.

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