Why I love DailyKos Elections


TN-Sen: As Sen. Bob Corker continues to mull un-retiring and seeking a third term, the Senate Conservatives Fund is out with a poll with a very simple message for the senator: No one likes you, go away, you stink, go away, you can’t run, we’re only picking you for our soccer team because our teacher says we have to and there’s no one left… sorry, this is veering off. Anyways, the poll from Victory Phones first asked GOP primary voters if Corker should run or retire, and get lost prevailed by a 64-12 margin. Voters were then asked about a hypothetical primary, and Rep. Marsha Blackburn led Corker 49-26, with former Rep. Stephen Fincher at 9. The horserace question was asked after the Corker retirement question, but it’s unlikely voters would have responded much differently.

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