Why I love the Daily News, Part 899

As I was flipping through the digital pages of today’s Daily News, I glimpsed a headline that made me stopped flipping immediately. It was:

Dead woman found stuffed in barrel in NJ was rolled out of Wall St. apartment, sources say

Do they, now? Well, that was a story I wanted to read.

If you live in New York, as I do, a few questions might have popped up in your mind. Wall Street — now replete with luxury residential buildings, often conversions from business buildings — is way, way downtown. And New Jersey is way way across a mighty river. The place where the barrel was found in New Jersey is near the George Washington Bridge, which is way, way, way uptown.

Therefore, there is a question of logistics. Also a question of why a barrel, which was spotted (surveillance cameras) being rolled out of 95 Wall Street, got itself into 95 Wall Street and thereupon into New Jersey, but that’s not really what I wanted to tell you.

Which is what some neighbors, who didn’t want to be identified, I wonder why, said about the two guys who resided in the apartment being raided by the police and who, I wonder why, were missing.

“They were OK guys. They would stop and talk. They were loud and would play hip-hop music but they seemed harmless…You never know. One day they seem harmless, but one day you’re in a barrel in New Jersey.”


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