Why I love the New York Times…and the NFL Draft

Well, I love the draft, of course. But today the Times reportage of last night’s draft has delighted me.

For the past number of years, the Times has withdrawn its beat coverage of the two local football teams. I’ve found their absence disappointing but sort of understandable. The Times intends to be the paper of record for the whole country. New York, I’m surprised to say, is not the whole country.

Nor is New York professional football the whole NFL.

Even if the Times did report daily on our local football teams, I’d additionally be reading the Daily News and New York Post for team coverage. Because I can’t get enough football stuff. Which is why I subscribe (free) to the Giants streaming service. (No, it is not too much.)

I enjoyed last night’s draft. I especially liked the NY Giants draft. But aside from the Giants’ two excellent first-round draft picks, I noticed all the draftees’ mufti outfits. Indeed, I could not help but notice the mufti outfits. They were spectacular.

Therefore, the two key stories in the Times today were Mike Tanier’s tight coverage of each team’s draft picks, and Vanessa Friedman’s coverage of, well, the draftees’ coverage, i.e., their statement costumes.

Tanier, who is a remarkably witty sportswriter, gave me more laughs than the number of NFL teams (32), while Friedman, the Times’ fashion editor, deadpanned her way through detailing the dazzle.

A small taste of Tanier, in his sub-heading: “In surprising moves, A.J. Brown was traded to the Eagles and the Jets and Giants drafted prudently.”

Oooh, I said to myself, and buckled into my chair for the ride.

And Friedman? “…Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, picked fourth, in light blue with two enormous necklaces clanging around his neck, one dangling what looked a lot like a sparkly Tabasco sauce bottle, the other spelling out “Sauce.” Just in case anyone didn’t know who they were looking at.”

This is why I love the Times.




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