Why is Texas’s attorney general working for Elon Musk but not for Uvalde?

It’s Texas. It’s always Texas.

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

The Texas Department of Safety asked the state’s Office of the Attorney General, which is currently investigating whether bot accounts have artificially inflated the value of Twitter*, to block the release of body-cam footage from the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, on the grounds that others could use it to ascertain “weaknesses” in the police’s response.

The Attorney General of Texas is a guy named Ken Paxton. In 2015 he was indicted for securities fraud. He has not yet been brought to trial.

So how is he spending his time while he twiddles his fingers?

See the above.

*Musk asked him to do this in his flamboyant and possibly phony dispute with Twitter over whether he’s going to buy it or not or pay a rather LARGE penalty.


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