“Woke” Chronicles: What I saw on Trump Arraignment Day in NYC

I was taking a long walk up West End Avenue on this lovely spring day. I saw the usual minimal group — people walking dogs, the dogs, doormen, cars. Two women wearing major knee braces.

You know. Like that.

Around 91st Street, I noticed a white car pulled up on the corner. A man, presumably the owner, was attaching American flags to the side of the car. Immediately, I looked at the license plate. No, he wasn’t from Oklahoma; the license plate was New York.

Did this guy expect to drive in a Trump convoy, the flags fluttering?

If anybody saw such a convoy with such a flag-fluttering car, do let me know. Or just a flag-fluttering car, minus the convoy. Otherwise, I’ll feel bad that this guy’s, uh, statement was an abject flop.

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