“Wolf of Bawl St.” Man sues Paramount Pictures over, well, a toupee

Had to happen. If a company makes a Major Motion Picture about real people, one of those real people is bound to sue.

So a guy named Andrew Greene is suing Paramount Pictures, my old homestead, for the way he was portrayed (by P.J. Byrne) in “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Of course I just love the Daily News headline (see above), as well as the first paragraph of John Marzulli’s article:

A former underling of infamous “Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort is wigging out over his portrayal as a toupee-wearing degenerate in the Oscar-nominated film.

It’s a defamation lawsuit. $25 mil.

I haven’t seen the film yet. The toupee, as pictured in the article, is not very … I dunno. Attractive? Real-looking? (Greene’s nickname, according to the article, is Wigwam.)

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