“Wolf Puppies Are Adorable. Then Comes the Call of the Wild”

Source: Wolf Puppies Are Adorable. Then Comes the Call of the Wild. – The New York Times

Remember what I wrote about wolves just a day or so ago? (A disingenuous question, since I am providing the link.)

What on earth is going on with news about specific animals? First there was the raccoon. And then the raccoon again. And then ANOTHER raccoon.

Today, the New York Times has a wonderful article about some animal behaviorists who are studying wolf puppies and their genes to see if they can determine at what stage wolves separate from their affection for people (and their similarity to dog puppies) and became wild.

That’s all really interesting stuff but the premier attraction here is the video of teeny wolf puppies and some dog puppies. AWWWWWWWW. And while you’re watching the video, you get narrated to about the study. So you don’t really have to pretend you’re watching the video for scientific knowledge: the author of the piece will feed you the info and leave you to your own devices, i.e., AWWWWWWing over the babies.

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