Woman who had breast cancer settles suit v Proskauer Rose for firing her

I picked up news of this lawsuit a while ago and wrote about it. Briefly, the corporate financial officer, a woman named Elly Rosenthal, of the major law firm Proskauer Rose, had breast cancer and Proskauer fired her.

She sued them for age, gender and disability discrimination.

I’m a bit surprised at how cautious I was about her case. I compared her experience to mine, when I had breast cancer, but was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to prove her case. I did cheer her on, hoping she’d kept careful records of everything, and that she’d win, because I thought her case was important to women.

Well, she did prove her case, at least to Proskauer, who should know about these things.  They just settled with her.

I am so glad. And the article about it in the AM Law Daily (linked above) gives you an suggestion of the way these kinds of lawsuits travel, starting with everybody’s “disappointment,” and statements about the case’s merits.

So you get a snapshot of how plaintiff’s and defendant’s lawyers behave at the initiation of a case and during it, up to what happens at the end.

Maybe if you’re suing somebody, this article will reduce your own excitations and anxieties.

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