Workplace sex harassment lawsuit:”When are we having our bang sesh?”

What has happened to women?

Presuming the quotes in this employer/sexual harassment lawsuit are anywhere near accurate, why have women bosses adopted the traditional behavior of 1950s male bosses?

I don’t have an answer. What I have is a Daily News story, the hard copy headline of which is: “‘When are we having our bang sesh?’ Axed from PR firm after complaint: lawsuit.”

A former employee of a Midtown public relations firm was fired after he complained about too much hands-on instruction from two female bosses, according to a sexual harassment lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Joseph Jackson, 41, claims he endured nearly seven months of verbal come-ons and overt touches from two women supervisors at Open Communications, one of whom allegedly sent him a text asking for a “bang sesh.”

Even when John Morris, CEO of Open Communications, a Midtown digital strategy firm, witnessed the raunchy behavior, he simply rolled his eyes and shrugged, the lawsuit contends.

Jackson claims he was fired Feb. 21 after formally complaining three times to Morris about inappropriate behavior from supervisors Sally O’Dowd and Katie Campisano.

He filed his suit Monday, three days after he lost his job.

Seems that Mr. Jackson and his lawyer did not miss any statute of limitations filing deadlines.

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