Worse news about my personal injury lawyers

Someone just arrived here at Sidebar, having searched using the word string, “Trial of Dinkes & Schwitzer yesterday.”

Trial? Well, although I haven’t told you — because it wasn’t really relevant to my particular situation with Dinkes & Schwitzer and my report and advice on how to file a grievance against your lawyer — I did know that one of Dinkes lawyers had been arrested in an (alleged) insurance scam. (I learned about from the Daily News.)

In fact, it was the same lawyer who first interviewed me and with whom I signed that lousy retainer agreement.

I didn’t know whether the case against William Hamel had been dismissed or not, and his arrest was really not significant to my case, or to the problems I was having with his law firm.

Still, it was unpleasant for me to read the following post, the link of which follows, since Hamel is now on trial in Bronx Criminal Court. And the post makes him and his firm sound really bad.

Take a look: 2nd Article: Some Attorneys at Dinkes & Schwitzer Still Run Amok Despite “Former” Colleague, William R. Hamel On Trial for Alleged Bribery- UPDATE « world-news-media.com.

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