“Worst landlord EVER!” Some comments

Wow, she is the worst landlord ever. Name of Robin Shimoff, owner of 940 Grand Concourse. Read this Daily News article and you’ll be utterly disgusted: Notorious Bronx landlord’s daughter earns top spot on bad landlords list – NY Daily News.

I’m particular disgusted because 940 is less than a block from 840 Grand Concourse, where I grew up. The Concourse has gone down, a lot.

But my big question is: why aren’t these tenants in Housing Court? They’ve got Letitia James, Public Advocate, on their side to the extent that James just released the Worst Landlords in the City list, and Shimoff is on the top.

They should gather together and send one or more tenants to Housing Court. Unless they already have and the article didn’t mention it.

But if not, please 940 tenants: click here on “How to file a complaint in Housing Court 1,” dated 6/14/12. Keep going, through all my Housing Court advice posts and go do it. If you persist patiently, you could wind up filing a contempt order and Ms. Shimoff might just find herself in a “bring your toothbrush to court” situation.

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