Yankees Brian Cashman sued by mom of ex-mistress for…

The Shayna Jacobs/Bill Hutchinson Daily News headline reads, “Kooky ‘Cash’ claim; GM ‘plotted’ vs. ex.”

The story is wacky. Here’s the first paragraph:

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is a “manchild” who conspired to have his former lover committed so the affair would never be revealed, the mistress’ mother claims in a new lawsuit.”

See, the “mistress’ mother” claims that “Cashman used hardball tactics to force Caroline Meanwell [the “mistress’ mother,” whose name must have come right out of 19th century English lit], his lawyer and her daughter’s own therapist to discredit the lover, Louise Neathway, as mentally unstable, Meanwell charges in a suit filed Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court.”

Here’s my favorite quote from the lawsuit: “The gang’s plan, while shocking and outrageous, seemed to be concocted and executed by the Three Stooges rather than a physician, a law firm and a sports executive.”

Oh, read the whole thing for yourself, in case you want to disentangle the charges and parties in this fairly distasteful lawsuit: Yankees GM Brian Cashman is a ‘manchild’ who conspired against former mistress: lawsuit – NY Daily News.

P.S. I am not a Yankees fan.

P.P.S. The lawyer the mistress’ mother hired is Peter Gleason. Peter Gleason was one of the lawyers hired at some point by Anna Gristina, the alleged madam of the upper East Side call girl ring. Aren’t you glad I have this kind of memory?

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