Yay! Another pair-of-bare-breasts lawsuit

Another woman is suing to defend my civil right to go topless. And once again I am so appreciative: Brooklyn woman sues NYPD after she was arrested for being topless in park – NY Daily News.

So thank you, Jessica Krigsman, “a fire-eating stripper,” according to the Daily News, for “slamming a couple of NYPD cops as boobs after they busted her for going topless in a park.”

Ergo, one of my regular homages to the Daily News for multiple puns. The hard copy heading is:

What a bad bust!

Love ’em, love ’em, love ’em. Here are the names of the writers: Oren Yaniv, Erik Badia and Bill Hutchinson.

I’m curious: when they’re doing a piece like this, do the writers raise a pun challenge in the newsroom? Wouldn’t you enjoy being there, with all those witty journalists singing out puns? Sort of like a Händel opera, although maybe not.

And anyway, I should be doing some serious reporting on the lawsuit itself, its significance in the grander civil rights movement, especially its role in advancing women’s rights, how it will enhance our freedoms … But I don’t feel like it.


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