Yet another nasty divorce with a lot of money

I dare not let the day go by without telling you about the Janice and Ira Schacter divorce (the Daily News hard copy headline is, “Bunny money: Ex pays for dissing hubby after he got sexy new pal,” because a Playboy bunny wiggles into this story somehow).

Doesn’t matter, though, because Janice Schacter…

…had complained over the course of her contentious years-long divorce that her now ex-husband — a partner in a prestigious white shoe law firm — was abusive, and had blown over $200,000 on an engagement ring for his Playboy bunny galpal while stiffing his daughter out of hearing aid money.

Ira Schacter, 54, said the allegations hurt his business at at Cadwalader, Wickersham and Taft, and lessened the value of his partnership.

In a ruling made public Tuesday, Justice Laura Drager agreed, and found that as a result, Janice should only get 17% of the $5 million value of the partnership — about $855,000.

She previously stood to collect about half, but “in essence, the wife chose to bite the hand that fed her,” Drager wrote.

I am somewhat startled to read that Judge Drager, a “veteran matrimonial judge called the couple’s divorce ‘one of the most contentious litigations this court has ever presided over.'”

OK, so this one is not chopped liver, but still I have been working my fingers off telling you about a lot of contentious divorces. I’d never challenge the judge’s evaluation, so maybe you should read the whole article and make that determination for yourself.


They split in 2007 after they were both arrested for allegedly assaulting each other…

Hm. One of the most contentious? What do you say?

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