Yet another outrage: Trump sold management of the VA to cronies

I’m thinking about deriving some sort of outrage meter, just to come up with a scale that could evaluate my emotional state at every offense committed by Trump and his administration.

I’d tag each level with an appropriate word. Such as “outrage.”

Problem is — and I’m sure you all will concede this — every single day there is another investigative report of yet another, uh… (Naomi checks her 1924 Roget’s, spends so much time in it her screen saver pops on)…abomination our national horror has foisted upon us and our government.

Never mind that meter for now. Here’s yesterday’s towering awfulness, as exposed by ProPublica: Trump handed control of the Veterans Administration to three men, one of them the CEO of Marvel Entertainment, who

  • have no government experience — they’re amateurs;
  • whose candidacy was not presented to Congress;
  • who have never served in our military;
  • who are very rich;
  • who have paid Trump the huge fees he demands for membership in Mar-a-Lago, his private resort in Florida (he calls it the “Southern White House”).
  • who have taken up active roles in the higher echelons of the V.A.

It was secret until now.

P.S. Outrage, abomination, evil, machinations of the devil, demonic, bane, gash, mutilation, calamity, fatal mischief, foul play, spoliation, grievance, peccancy, pestilence, depravity.

P.P.S. Send money to ProPublica.

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