“You Be Da Judge!”

Says the headline in today’s Daily News.

And it’s a lovely piece, too, about two neighbors in Brooklyn who have made a fight over a 3 foot wide strip of land into, literally, a federal case.

Several things make the whole thing a good read. First, the judge is Jack Weinstein, who in this piece is called “legendary.” In a world in which the word is used to described people I’ve never heard of, Jack Weinstein, who is quoted in the article, is legendary.

And then it’s written by John Marzulli, who covers the courts for the Daily News and covers them clearly and thoroughly. He’s so good that just when I got down a few paragraphs and started wondering, “So why is this case in federal court?”, Marzulli explained why.

And the case is one of those Jarndyce v. Jarndyce matters which will have you scratching your head. It’s gossipy, nutty and outrageous with a cast of characters that includes a litigant whose first name is Eris—the Greek goddess of discord—a rabbi and a large bush. Which may or may not have been burning.

Enjoy, at Legendary federal judge presiding over Brooklyn neighbors land squabble.

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