You think Congress is doing nothing?

Not so.

Every day, Senators and Congresspeople are working on and presenting bills to be considered. Many of them don’t pass now, because of GOP opposition. But the bills themselves are real, and should be considered part of future enactments, if the House and Senate can reach a solid majority of people who will support these measures.

So I’ve decided to give you announcements I see — mostly on Twitter — about these bills. Not only can we see what is being done in Congress and the White House, we can see how elected officials who want to do good things sometimes work with people we may not like in order to get these things done.

Here are some from today, Wednesday, June 15, 2022:

From Senator Sherrod Brown: Right now, half of the materials that our women and men in uniform fight under can be made in China. This week,@SenatorCollins and I introduced the All-American Flag Act to ensure that the government buys flags that are made in America, by American workers.

From Congresswoman Katie Porter: Two pharmaceutical giants have hiked the prices of their blood thinners in lockstep for years. This apparent coordination is costing taxpayers billions through Medicare.@SenAmyKlobuchar and I are concerned the corporations involved are breaking the law. We want an investigation.

Also from Congresswoman Katie Porter: Following yesterday’s news of previously unreported infant deaths in Fisher-Price products, I’m calling on the company to immediately recall all inclined infant seats. The corporation’s leadership should prioritize children’s lives over shareholder profits.

From Senator Patty Murray: As extremist Republican lawmakers work around the clock to make essential health services—including abortion—a crime, patients’ private health and location data needs to be protected. @SenWarren and I are introducing legislation to protect everyone’s sensitive health data.

From Chuck Schumer: Since 9/11, nearly 3.5 million vets have been exposed to toxic burn pits in the line of duty But too many of them can’t access the health care they need Today, the Senate is one step closer to passing the Honoring Our PACT Act—the largest veterans’ health care bill in decades.

From Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: I’ve been fighting for over 10 years to make gun trafficking a federal crime, and I’m proud that the bipartisan gun deal will do so. Stopping the flood of illegal weapons is one of the most significant things we can do to drive down gun violence.

From Senator Bernie Sanders: The Senate just rejected the new extreme Republican budget plan. It is exactly as bad as you think it is.

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