You want crazy? You’ve got crazy, in short form

As I read this long paragraph from Harper’s Weekly Review, it occurred to me it was the best, most concise yet most complete summary of how insane the Trump, Helsinki, Putin, Russia story is:

Weeks after the US ambassador to Russia told reporters that “the ball” was in the Russian government’s “court” to respond to accusations that the country had interfered with the 2016 election in the United States, US president Donald Trump held a press conference with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, where he called Putin “strong and powerful” and told journalists he didn’t see “any reason” to believe reports from US intelligence agencies that Russia had tampered with the election. “Now the ball is in your court,” said Putin, tossing a soccer ball to Trump. After the conference, House Speaker Paul Ryan said that Trump should “appreciate that Russia is not our ally,” Trump told journalists in the White House Cabinet Room that he accepted the intelligence community’s “conclusion” that Russian meddling had occurred but said that it “could be other people also,” and then Trump announced that he could be “the worst enemy” Putin’s “ever had.” Democrats chanted “USA! USA!” on the House floor.  

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