“Z-list actress sues struggling rescue group over dog bite”

For all your dog lovers. And maybe dog haters. Maybe everybody, because the hard copy headline in the Daily News was: “Actress’ dog-bite suit called load of shih tzu.” (Isn’t that cute?)

Yes, well. On this one I admit I’m losing touch with what is or should be a lawsuit. It begins:

A Z-LIST Hollywood beauty is suing a struggling Brooklyn rescue group, claiming one of their foster pups nipped at her face.

Later on in this mini-piece the plaintiff, Caley Rose Bulinski, said in her lawsuit, “Culeo [was] alleged to have been a shih tzu breed of dog, but was in fact a mix breed or a mutt.”

What am I not getting here? You pick up a dog and it nips you and the rescue group is responsible because the dog isn’t a shih tzu? Or had she known it wasn’t really a shih tzu she wouldn’t have picked it up and gotten nipped? Or shih tzus are known never to nip? Or….

Somebody else can figure this one out.

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