Zillionaires are polluters!

We all know that, right? People who make their bucks from fossil fuels are damaging our planet and, consequently, us.

Two Harper’s Findings from September 2022 confirm this thinking:

The self-made rich are less sensitive to the plight of the poor.

No empathy.

But there’s this Finding which is to me new and pounds away at the central theme, i.e., ultra-rich people are dangerous to life on earth. In brief, they are shits.

Soot particles introduced into the upper atmosphere by space launches have five hundred times the heat-trapping capacity as soot particles released by aviation.

Space launches. While government launches may be considered crucial for our defense and communications, I don’t think those luxurious little personal space trippers Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin), Elon Musk (SpaceX) and Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic) have anything important to offer the rest of us.

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