Zoom calls from, uh, exotic locations?

I’m not a one-issue voter, not at all. Moreover, I’m not a Canadian. So I get to consider this little Liberal Party problem another country’s politics.

It’s funny — to me, I mean — and to Kevin Underhill, who posted this on LoweringTheBar:

“I take this matter extremely seriously,” Liberal party MP Shafqat Ali said last week, “and I promise never to repeat this error again.” The full quote probably makes clear that he meant the “error” of choosing to participate in a session of Canada’s parliament from a toilet stall, but it’s also possible he meant the “error” of forgetting to select a different video background for the Zoom call.

This is of course not the first time someone has been caught doing something embarrassing during a Zoom call. It’s not even the first time a Canadian Liberal MP has been caught doing something similar during a parliamentary session. See “Politician seen naked in work Zoom call,” BBC.com (Apr. 15, 2021) and “Politician sorry after urinating during video call,” BBC.com (May 28, 2021). According to the BBC, after that second incident MP William Amos apologized and “added he would ‘seek assistance’—without elaborating on what this would involve or what he would seek help for.” That question too may never be answered, because he ultimately decided not to seek reelection.

P.S. Does “liberal” mean something different in Canada-speak?

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