Taking one of my two breaks from MSNBC

It’s after 5 pm; do you know where my attention is?

Not with Chuck Todd and his panelists on MSNBC. I’ll tell you why — I have the time.

I think Chuck Todd is a ninny and certain of his panelists (does he choose them?) are still relentlessly selling the GOP, which, on Todd’s show, means crazy, petty slashing at Democrats because there is nothing left to sell about the GOP. So they attack, because they’ve got nothing else to do.

The few who aren’t slashing away — and who would on another set be intelligent and reasonable commentators — are so trapped by the Chief Ninny’s leading, misleading and inane questions, the only thing they can do is answer within his limited strictures and sound as inane as he does. (Ruth Marcus: don’t go on Chuck Todd if you have any interest in retaining my respect.)

My new regimen for watching MSNBC is:

4 pm. Nicolle Wallace, whom I’ve come to love and love her guests, too.

5 pm. Break from Todd. See above.

6 pm. Back for Ari Melber. He’s a lawyer, smart and witty, and has lots of lawyers on to remark in depth on the illegalities and investigations of the illegalities we’re suffering through. Best thing about Ari’s hour: so many desperate people, clinging to the hope we’ll de-Trump our country imminently because we can’t take any more of this, need to be reminded that legal processes initiated by a general sense of horror (“He can’t do this, can he?”) take much longer than, say, throwing up. Or screaming. (And a “president” who is running his crime business out of the White House can be indicted, by the way. It may be an indictment sealed until he’s booted out of office, but it’s an indictment.)

It’s good to listen to lawyers who know how it all works, especially when we get too much misinformation, wildly hopeful information, depressing rumors and what not from journalists who may be good journalists but don’t know law. It saves me from all the corrective muttering I do when a journalist opines on plea deals and cooperation deals and criminal liability but he’s wrong. If you were here, you’d hear me murmur, “No, that’s not what’s happening, that’s not the way it works.”

I’m not a lawyer but I’m usually right.

7 pm. OMG I have to get away from Chris Matthews who spits questions at guests, interrupts them as they open their mouths, answers his own questions, occasionally yammers dementedly. Can’t take it. But I have discovered that on some golden oldie channel, M.A.S.H. reruns start at 7, so off I go to Korea.

8 pm. Love Chris Hayes but sometimes wander off the reservation into MhZ, the streaming service which gives me thousands of hour of European TV crime shows, many of which are terrific, and even the ones that aren’t are.

9 pm. Rachel. Always Rachel. I do not feel I have a full and deep grasp of the major news stories without her.

10 pm. Love Lawrence O’Donnell but now I go back to European crime, in order to forget the real American crime show into which we have all been dragged as extras.

So. It’s now 5:47 pm and I’ve accounted for my hour. Thirteen more minutes to kill — probably on Twitter — until Ari.

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Trump: demolished in New York City

Because this particular building is unavoidably on my way to the supermarket. That is, I have had to pass it and see the name every time I shop for staples.

So this, from 538 Significant Digits, is nice news for me and all my neighbors.

69.3 percent of owners

Before the midterm elections, there was another election, also a sort of referendum on President Trump. The owners of condos in a building called Trump Place on the Upper West Side of Manhattan voted, by a majority of 69.3 percent, to remove the Trump name from signs on the building’s facades. The building, now just 200 Riverside Blvd., is the latest in a series of buildings to “distance themselves from the Trump brand,” writes The Washington Post. [The Washington Post]


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More GOP campaigning news in the Where does the GOP FIND these people? category

You really, really need to read this one from DailyKos Elections:

VA-07: What a swell guy Dave Brat is! The Republican congressman, who’s in the fight of his political life against Democrat Abigail Spanberger, was visiting a local jail on Wednesday, where he met with a support group of inmates struggling with addiction. But just check out the dude’s empathy!

“You think you’re having a hard time—I got $5 million worth of negative ads going at me. How do you think I’m feeling? Nothing’s easy. For anybody. You think I’m a congressman. ‘Oh, life’s easy. This guy’s off having steaks.’ Baloney! I got a daughter, she’s got to deal with that crap on TV every day. It’s tough. No one out there’s got some easy life.”

Oh yes! Being the target of attack ads is just like losing your freedom, trying to overcome a drug addiction, and worrying about your future after your release. The rest of his remarks were just as clueless: When one prisoner said that halfway houses are often in drug-infested areas, Brat tried to claim the kind of place where he lives isn’t all that nice, saying, “You won’t believe the depression in those hoity-toity neighborhoods.” (Is that so!)

He also complained that when he left his professorship to serve in Congress—a decision he made freely, when he chose to challenge then-Rep. Eric Cantor—his children were no longer entitled to free tuition at his college, whining, “I didn’t have any savings. All went away—oops! So, plans change.”

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