Trump’s crazy court choices, Part 2

A few days ago in the New York Times, Linda Greenhouse detailed the devastation Trump is doing to the federal court system by nominating for judgeships people who should only be in federal court as defendants in civil actions. That’s my opinion, anyway.

Harper’s Weekly Review today runs down the current sexual harassment score as it pertains to elected officials, or wanna-be-elected officials. Penises make such a regular appearance on this page they are probably a macro. Although who needs a macro for the word “penis”?

Enough of my computer function speculations. Here’s how Harper’s ends this weekly review:

…current US president Donald Trump, who when he was 46 years old was filmed saying of a 10-year-old girl with whom he was riding on an escalator that he would be “dating her in ten years,” nominated for a federal judgeship a 36-year-old lawyer and horror novelist who has never tried a case, and who spent a year working at a paranormal-activity research group helping people who are haunted by ghosts.

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Is this a typo or not? You decide

I lived in a well-managed large building with a number of elderly residents.

One feature of management is an online bulletin board, on which people post stuff they want to sell, stuff they want to give away, and requests for recommendations for various household repairs and services.

Today I read this request:

“Elder care attendant for night shit possibly more.”


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Today’s laugh: Hotel architecture (in fiction, anyway)

The ‘Mace and Sceptre’ is a large and quite hideous hotel which stands in the very centre of Oxford and which embodies, without apparent shame, almost every architectural style devised since the times of primitive man. Against this initial disadvantage it struggles nobly to create an atmosphere of homeliness and comfort. The bar is a fine example of Strawberry Hill Gothic.

From The Moving Toyship, by Edmund Crispin

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