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Amazing: Trump’s lawyer arguing that he can’t be investigated. For anything

Right now, I’m reading the New York Times’ coverage of an argument going on a few sunny miles south of me, in the Second Circuit federal appellate court. It’s about Trump’s taxes and whether the Manhattan District Attorney can obtain … Continue reading

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The reality of appealing a verdict to a higher court

Got this from John Ross’s review of federal circuit decisions: “This court once observed, ‘[w]hen a party comes to us with nine grounds for reversing the district court, that usually means there are none.’ [Plaintiff] comes to us with twenty-seven.” … Continue reading

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If Mark Zuckerberg won’t protect us from political ads that lie…

What do we do? We protect ourselves. By now, anyone who has paid a moment’s attention to trolling, lying and outright fake news utilizing social media knows they exist. And knows we users of social media are the targets. I … Continue reading

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