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Critical health violations…at Trump eateries. Yech.

Yesterday, we had the drunk rat. With photo. Today, the Daily News supplies us with a satisfyingly thorough and repulsive report about Trump’s restaurants. (I’m categorizing this one as “The filthy rich.” Yuck yuck yuck.) The dirt on Don eateries … Continue reading

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Another (small) animal tale, this time about a rat

Just found this on Twitter: CBS News‏Verified account @CBSNews Rat passed out next to an empty bottle of Hennessy goes viral as “just another day in New York City”  1:49 PM – 15 Feb 2019

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There is no god. But…

Just got this from John Ross’s summary of federal court decisions, which appears sort of weekly on the Volokh Report: Suppose a La Plata, Md. public school teacher compelled a Christian student to write part of the Shahada: “There is … Continue reading

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