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“Sweet Embraceable Moo”

I could not have come up with a better headline than that, in a New York Times story yesterday. About, um, “cow cuddling.” Just in case you’re wondering whahhh?… As a source of emotional support and therapy, cows are steadfast … Continue reading

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Do you buy your stuff on Amazon?

Maybe you should consider these tidbits from John Ross at Volokh, on what’s been happening in the federal courts: Pennsylvania woman purchases defective dog collar on When it breaks, her dog’s retractable leash snaps back and hits her in … Continue reading

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Can you name a braggart who needs this advice from a genius?

But will never read it, nor heed it, because he neither reads nor heeds. It has always been in my observation of human nature, that a man who has any good reason to believe in himself never flourishes himself before … Continue reading

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