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There is a god and he tweets

In case you’re a non-believer, god just tweeted this: Andrew C Laufer, Esq Retweeted God‏ @TheTweetOfGod 21h21 hours ago I knew an Individual 1 once. He cursed mankind by eating an apple he got from Individual 2. Then they had Individual … Continue reading

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What’s with service dogs?

Yesterday I ran into a service dog in Sephora. My encounter was the most notable thing about my visit, since a make-up specialist told me with pleasant honesty that the under-eye cover-up stuff I already used was the best they … Continue reading

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The best analysis of damage done by Citizens United

Today in the Times, Thomas Edsall lays out — I wish he could literally, lay it out on the ground and drive a stake through its heart — Citizens United, which many experts consider the worst Supreme Court decision ever. … Continue reading

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