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What a coincidence! On a day of jimsonweed panic, goat achievements

Today’s edition of West Side Rag had another story about jimsonweed –– this time, it’s expansion into tree pits. You’ll recall when I first broke the West Side Rag’s breaking news about the jimsonweed (how many generations away from an … Continue reading

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Uh oh. More jimsonweed

Could this be considered a panic? Like a tulip panic, except not? More jimsonweed has been detected up here on the upper west side. I’m just going to stay in my apartment, seal up the door and windows and maybe … Continue reading

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Two sorts of people I do not vote for, with specific examples

Businessmen. A businessman such as Wilbur Ross who, like virtually every businessman without any civic experience whatsoever, does not grasp the difference between being the top boss of a company and being an official in government. Here’s one simple difference: … Continue reading

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