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Why the majority must vote en masse in November 2018. And forever after.

From 538 Significant Digits: 8 states By 2040, eight states will be home to nearly half (49.5 percent) of the country‚Äôs entire population. An implication of that bit of trivia: 30 percent of the American population will control 68 percent … Continue reading

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Rats! We have to go back to the facts about Hillary’s emails?

I’ve got ever so many reasons why I can’t bear listening to Trump but when he launches himself, without any prompt, into his thing about Hillary’s emails, I start to growl. Because it’s clear he doesn’t know what he’s talking … Continue reading

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Dark money is going noir

Steve Mnuchin (he prefers to be called “Steven”) and the IRS (which prefers to be called “the IRS”) have just decided that Koch Bros*, et al dark money groups will no longer have to disclose their donors’ names to the … Continue reading

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