While I await indictments…

I reflect upon the election.

I am feeling very good. And, as is the proclivity of my psychological dynamic, I have spent some time evaluating how my feelings have changed because of the election.

Years ago I outgrew depression as a reaction to life’s events, so it isn’t that I’ve been depressed. I have been in the sort of rage I’d be feeling if someone forced me into a movie theater that played nothing but horror movies. And made me sit there, watching, for two years.

I wonder if this is true for you: I’m finding that although the appreciation of our national horror remains, the horror itself seems to have been pushed to the periphery. Although repulsion at Trump and his government of perverse mediocrities and thieves has not faded, I am unable and unwilling to look at that face and hear the garbage that pours out of its mouth.

When TV news commentators run a video of Trump yammering and ask their pundit guests what they think of the yammer, I either mute the TV or turn to my classical music station.

Can’t do it. Why should I pay attention to a minor character who is not an active entity called “president”?

We don’t have a president. We don’t have a government, except for the courageous professionals who are still behind the lines manning the agencies upon which we all depend for our lives and health. Although the VA has so fucked up, GIs have not received their housing allowances due to a, uh, glitch in the system. (Remember the trio of Mar-A-Lago Trump pals who basically bought the management of the VA as a hobby?)

But I’m not going to list the disasters caused by an administration of incompetents and crooks. A number of pro bono civil rights and ethics organizations are keeping that list, and suing. Regularly. Every day.

We will survive this degradation of our government. We will. We will see it eventually as an abnormality, a malignant hiatus landed upon us as a fierce reminder of what government is, and our civic responsibility to protect it by voting.

To further whet your appetite for democracy, here are a few senators who will be up for re-election in 2020:

  • Susan Collins, Maine.
  • Lindsey Graham, North Carolina.
  • Joni Ernst, Iowa (she can go back to castrating pigs, her previous job, and given that three of the four House seats in Iowa just went Democratic…)
  • Cory Gardner, Colorado–who just said something really, really stupid about election “fraud” in the Arizona senate race and all sorts of people are saying he’ll be defeated in 2020.
  • Tom Cotton, Arkansas.
  • Jon Kyl, Arizona. He says he won’t be running in 2020. Since Sinema just took one of Arizona’s senate seats,  anything could happen here.
  • Thom Tillis, North Carolina, who recently said his major focus is helping veterans. See above link re how the VA has fucked up GI benefits.

And not least at all:

  • Mitch McConnell, Kentucky.

The only possibly vulnerable Democratic Senator is Doug Jones, Alabama, and I’d never bet against him.


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Chocolate cupcake, pound cake and I Voted

The elementary school where I vote has an election day cake and cookie sale (reasonable prices) in a hall outside the voting booths, and I stopped there post-ballot for my treat(s).

Many choices but I pretty much always go for the cupcakes.

Behind the table of offerings one young lady, age maybe 8, noticed me dithering and helpfully suggested a chocolate cupcake and after some perusal, I agreed. No sprinkles, no decorations, just straight up chocolate with icing.

One of her sales companions (same age) asked if I wanted it in a plastic container. I told him, no thanks. I intended to gobble it up immediately. Then he asked, “Would you like a napkin?”

I thanked him and said I intended just to dribble crumbs and lick my fingers.

Then I bought a pound cake and did accept a bag for it.

I left eating the cupcake. Will try the pound cake tonight, while I’m (trans)fixed upon MSNBC and election news. Sugar will be required, although I have realistic hopes for the results.

P.S. I didn’t think I’d check 538 today, but it’s a habit so my fingers just clicked on the bookmark and there I was. By accident.

One really interesting change. Mike Espy, once a congressman and Secretary of Agriculture, is running what I believe the Dem Party thought of as a brave-but-hopeless campaign for the Senate seat in Mississippi, which is so red, it glows. He’s running against Cindy Hyde-Smith, who was appointed to the Senate by the GOP governor when Thad Cochran had to resign (illness, if I remember).

Mississippi apparently allows a bunch of people to run for the seat even past the primaries, so Espy and Hyde-Smith are “competing” against another Republican and another Democrat. Presumably, if no one gets 50 percent, there will be a run-off.

For the last month at least, Espy and Hyde-Smith have been virtually tied in the polls at somewhere around 38%, while the other Rep is around 17% and the other Dem is around nothing.

I always assumed in a run-off the second Republican’s supporters would go to Hyde-Smith and that would be that.

Today, for the first time (I don’t know who did the polling or what happened), 538 has Espy at 41.5 percent, and Hyde-Smith at 32.

Um. The second GOPer is now at 25% and the second Dem is still around nothing (1.7%, if you want to be anal).

A sudden jump in the polls. Weird. Could we be looking at a…—no, I don’t want to say it. I’m not even thinking it. Too weird.


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Who’ll be in the governors’ mansions?

I’m not superstitious. So why haven’t I even whispered this to dear friends?

Whispered what? The exciting gubernatorial races around the country. Because not only are big changes on the way, the Democrats will be winning state houses in time for the 2020 census.

Big big deal. Because each Democratic governor in a state controlled by a Republican legislature will hold the veto pen to pro-GOP gerrymandered redistricting. And any Democratic governor in a Democratically controlled legislature will determine redistricting. (My hope is redistricting will be turned over to a neutral group.)

Here are the states where Democrats look to be flipping the state houses, and the Congressional seats each has:

Florida: 27

Ohio: 16 (Richard Cordray is up 1.6 over Mike DeWine)

Wisconsin: 8 (as of tonight, Scott Walker is down 1.5)

Nevada: 4 (Sisolak is up .1 over Laxalt, so maybe this is a big ?)

Iowa: 4. Not only does it look like Iowa will be electing a Democratic governor, of its 4 congressional seats, only one will remain Republican (and it is the disgraceful Steve King), while two of the four will be switching to Democrats. (Joni Ernst’s Senate seat is up for re-election in 2020.)

New Mexico: 3.

Illinois: 18

Michigan: 14.

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