Animal news: Tidbits about the sexes.

From Harper’s Weekly Report:

[I]t was reported that the Canadian Armed Forces were considering shorter, slimmer uniform skirts to recruit more women. The Vancouver International Airport issued an apology for encouraging airline passengers to hit on their seatmates on Valentine’s Day, a Utah bill decriminalizing polygamy advanced to the State Senate, and a section of a Florida park was closed because of a mass of copulating snakes.

Note to the Canadian Armed Forces: shorter, slimmer uniform skirts will recruit more men, not women.

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Worried about the coronavirus? Here are two cures. Or “cures”

From Harper’s Weekly Report:

The American televangelist Jim Bakker was promoting a liquid “Silver Solution” that he claimed could eliminate the virus in 12 hours, and the head of a Hindu nationalist group in India advocated eating cow dung and drinking cow urine to combat the disease.

Because I don’t have a category called “Hysteria:human,” I’m categorizing this as “Consumer boycott.”

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Animal news: The Case of the Falling Iguanas

From Harper’s Weekly Report:

A cold snap in Miami prompted the National Weather Service to forecast “falling iguanas,” as the reptiles were too chilled to hold on to their branches. Iguana meat was subsequently found for sale on Facebook Marketplace in the Miami area under the label “chicken of the trees.”

Presumably it’s frozen chicken of the trees. That’d be the honest label.

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