Driving in reverse in a Ford. Or VW

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

During a visit to a Ford Motor Company plant in Michigan, Trump congratulated the Ford family—descendants of the notoriously anti-Semitic Henry Ford, who received the Grand Cross of the German Eagle from the Nazis in 1938—on having “good bloodlines”; Volkswagen, a company founded by the German Labor Front in 1937, apologized for a video advertisement in which a giant white hand shoves a black man onto a sidewalk, another flicks him into a restaurant called Le Petit Colon (“The Little Colonist”), and an animated slogan appears to spell out a German racial slur…

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Did you hear the one about Bill Gates?

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

Surveys found that only 50 percent of Americans intend to get a future vaccine and 44 percent of Republicans believe that “Bill Gates wants to use a national mass vaccination campaign against COVID-19 to implant microchips in people that would be used to track people with a digital I.D. number.”

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There is hope for our democracy

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

The Aldabra rail, a flightless bird native to an island in the Indian Ocean, was found to have re-evolved itself back into existence.

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