What are your neighbors eating these days?

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

A Pennsylvania man was charged for threatening to eat a sheriff. An Oregonian accused of biting a senior citizen’s ear off was banned from public transit, and an autopsy revealed that a dementia resident at a senior care home died after ingesting cleaning fluid, and not, as the home alleged, from eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in the middle of the night.

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Told you Charles had a wicked sense of humor!

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

It was reported that King Charles’s coronation, during which he will wear nearly $4 billion worth of jewelry, will emphasize the cost-of-living crisis.

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What’s doing beneath the Groves of Academe?

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

It was reported that a Virginia elementary school had been warned three times that a first grader who shot a teacher was carrying a gun, and police officers in Florida stopped an armed kindergartener.

In Florida, teachers packed up their classroom libraries to comply with a “parental rights” law mandating that all books be preapproved, and in Texas, the mother of a high schooler was reportedly arrested for posing as a student so that she could watch her daughter fight with another student. A high school quarterback who lost a scholarship to Florida after saying the n-word on video received offers to play at two HBCUs

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