This tweet earned a LOL

The good news is that a reality T V show star has been escorted off the White House grounds. The bad news is they got the wrong one.

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Summing up Roy Moore

Harper’s Weekly Review ran down (um) Roy Moore’s life and candidacy in one breathless and breathtaking swoop.

Which ended, thusly:

“If you don’t believe in my character, don’t vote for me,” said Moore, who then put on a cowboy hat, mounted a horse named Sassy, galloped to the polls, voted for himself, and lost the election. “Neigh,” said Sassy.

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Night At The Opera. And at the election

Just got back from the Met Opera where I was listening to Nozze di Figaro. Which involves a incessantly lubricious and adulterous guy who sexually powers over any woman who works for him.

However. Had I known back last year when I booked the ticket that the Alabama election was tonight, I wouldn’t have gone.

I was far too jittery to remain at the Met for the last two acts so decided to leave after act II.

The act ended, stage lights went out, applause, I began to reach for my coat and looked downward at the orchestra section of the house. The minute the act ended, I saw an explosion of little lights. Everyone who had a phone had turned it on and was looking at the screen.

Hundreds of screens. I had no doubt whatsoever that everyone was looking at the election returns.

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