Gerrymandering: We are given reason to hope

OK, the Supreme Court Gill decision would have sunk me into the earth if I weren’t already there, given all the horrors surrounding us nowadays.

And I was so, so crossing all my fingers and toes that Kennedy would determine Gill in favor of the plaintiffs, i.e., against political gerrymandering.


But today I picked up this knowledgeable essay on the meaning of Gill and the related Maryland case, from the always erudite and inspiring Brennan Center.

The short of it: all is not lost! Indeed, much may have been found.

So I’m feeling a bit hopeful. And planning for June 30, probably in New York down at Foley Square, continguous (or overlapping) Tom Paine Park.

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Melania Trump visits the children

Per the New York Times:

Melania Trump, the first lady, traveled on Thursday to a facility in McAllen, Tex., that is holding 55 children who have been separated from their parents. Mrs. Trump took a tour of the facility, called New Hope Children’s Shelter, and met with some of the children being held there.

In one classroom, she met with a group of children, some of whom spoke to her in English and others in Spanish, which was translated by their teacher.

“How long are you here? Where are you from?” asked Mrs. Trump, who traveled with Alex M. Azar II, the health and human services secretary. As she left she said, “Be kind and nice to other, O.K.? Nice to meet you.”

Oh, yeah, that’s my bolding.

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Equifax taken to Small Claims Court

Like millions (zillions?) of others, I got a notice from Equifax that my information had been stolen right out of their coffers.

What did I do? I read through the notice casually, tossed it and noisily mock the Equifax TV ads warning us all of the “dark web” and how if our information landed in it, only Equifax can help protect us. Yes. Equifax failed to protect our information in the first place so now that it’s rolling around the “dark web” (or whatever it’s called), Equifax is offering to protect us. From Equifax. I guess.

But I did not think of taking Equifax to Small Claims Court.

I am giving a standing O to everyone who did, who persisted through the process and who got rewarded for it.

And I thank the New York Times for reporting this, and for this key paragraph:

“It’s sort of important for the human organism to do what you can do,” said Jessamyn West, a library technologist in central Vermont who won a judgment there against Equifax this month.

Yes, it is.

Note to self: next time something like this comes up, try searching here for “Small Claims Court,” and reminding yourself of how to proceed there successfully.

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