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Soothing words about the Democratic debates

At least two of my nearest and dearest have been in despair and disgust over the debates. Let me try to soothe you with a few perceptions. Yes, the number of candidates is irritating, especially the ones who under other … Continue reading

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Bernie Sisters will want to read this

Today, in the main news section of the Sunday New York Times, I read an interview Times reporter Sydney Ember did with Bernie Sanders. Since like most of us, I’ll bet, I’m paying sort of exquisite attention to the way … Continue reading

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See what happens when a tweet goes viral?

All the gossipy, vicious Nazi fun goes out of the world when someone sues for defamation. This, from John Ross’s Volokh Report’s summaries of federal cases: Twitter flips out after woman at rally for then-candidate Donald Trump sieg heils in … Continue reading

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