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Yelling about impeachment? Frantic about time passing?

Here’s something that will soothe you, calm you down. It’s a 57 page brief filed in court yesterday by the House Judiciary Committee requesting the D.C. Court tell Don McGahn he has to obey the subpoena to testify. Now. I … Continue reading

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Three guys caught a ride on Air Force Two

I pick up a lot of sidebar news on Twitter. Today, for instance, there’s this: Chief Justice John Roberts rode on Air Force Two with Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell. Quite a number of people who tweet think this it … Continue reading

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Calling John Roberts, calling John Roberts…

John Roberts took on #MeToo in his year-end report. Gee whizzakers! What judicial courage! When he wrote the lines I bolded below, did he wince or display any physical evidence of irony, or stick his tongue into his cheek — … Continue reading

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