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What happened with QAnon D5 deep state arrests?

So what happened? Yesterday I reported a warning via Twitter that QAnon, a band of I don’t know what to call them other than a lunatic cult, declared that yesterday, presumably after the George H.W. Bush funeral, Trump was going … Continue reading

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Update on Proud Boys and protestors

When I rambled on the other day about fake news, trolls and the facts of life, I found myself writing about how you can get exciting news on Twitter which does not always pan out factually. The news I had … Continue reading

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“R.I.P. Ivanka Inc”

In response to today’s dryly written New York Times editorial suggesting what Ivanka Trump could do with her life and role in the White House now that she’s closed her clothing line, here is my favorite comment: Kara commented July … Continue reading

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