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The Facts of Life: do you feel confident you can identify them?

If so, you’re only one American out of 27 percent who do. From 538 Significant Digits: 27 percent Percentage of Americans who said they were very confident that they were capable of telling if a news source was reporting factual … Continue reading

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Mysteries of Life: Bitcoin uh-oh or opportunity?

Beats me. But, from 538 Significant Digits: 47 percent Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies took a serious tumble on Tuesday, with Bitcoin’s value dropping almost 25 percent in 24 hours and down by 47 percent from its all-time high in December. … Continue reading

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Let’s go to Saudi Arabia for the belly laugh of the day

Hey! Saudi Arabia is getting all modern. From 538 Significant Digits: 35 years Saudi Arabia has lifted its 35-year ban on commercial movie theaters, and the Saudi government anticipates 300 theaters by 2030. Last week saw a number of screenings … Continue reading

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