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I hope turkeys can fly. If not…

From 538 Significant Digits and I’m only posting it because it’s weird and maybe funny–unless you have empathy for turkeys. Although maybe even if you do because it’s not clear whether the turkeys themselves were treated badly, other than being … Continue reading

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The god problem in politics

From 538 Significant Digits: $180,000 per year Yearly salary that Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore received from the Foundation for Moral Law. Moore had preciously claimed he did not take a salary because he did not want to be … Continue reading

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Gee, you think this might lead to lawsuits?

From 538 Significant Digits: Title VII Attorney General Jeff Sessions has changed a federal policy with a memo to agency heads and U.S. attorneys indicating that Title VII’s sex discrimination protections do not apply to transgender workers. This could lead … Continue reading

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