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Three guys caught a ride on Air Force Two

I pick up a lot of sidebar news on Twitter. Today, for instance, there’s this: Chief Justice John Roberts rode on Air Force Two with Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell. Quite a number of people who tweet think this it … Continue reading

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Something about Assange

I’ve been thinking about him and reading all sorts of deeply wise opinions and comments and… This, from Twitter, is the best I’ve found: Jeff Tiedrich‏ @itsJeffTiedrich Apr 11 first they came for Julian Assange and I did not speak out— … Continue reading

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How about these candidates?

They’re quite unusual, aren’t they? And they are very, very good. Smart, experienced (some of them more than others), full of excellent ideas and plans for restoring our government after the monumentally destructive #ReignofMadKingDon. Some of them have more charisma … Continue reading

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